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"Where the Student Becomes the Performer"

The best 

kid's dance school 

in Toledo.




Dance Center


Dance encourages confidence and self esteem.

We encourage our students to have fun by learning to dance and perform. Students learn rhythm, movement, coordination, and flexibility.

Kids Dance School

We offer classes for kids of all ages. 

We offer classes from ages 2 to 18 and up. ​Our classes cover a wide variety of skill levels and dance types. 

Kids Dance School

Our classes are affordably priced for your family. 

Our classes are affordably priced for your family. We offer discounts for children enrolling in 2 or more classes. .


Classes Available

Kids Dance Class

Classes for Age 2-3

Kids ages 2 to 3 can enroll in dance class which involves creative movement and the development of gross motor skills by using things such as balance beam, trampoline and much more! After 3 months of lessons, we introduce Tap dance as well.

Kids Dance Class

Classes for Age 4

Kids age 4 can participate in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Tumbling. Rotating weekly. Contact us today to get your child enrolled.

Kids Dance Class

Classes for Age 5-6

Kids age 5-6 can take a combination classes of 3 or more involving Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling and Pom. Contact us today to get your child enrolled.

Kids Dance Class

Classes for Age 7 and Up

Kids age 7 can participate in Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Technique, and Tumble. Contact us today to get your child enrolled.

Kids Dance Class


Kids age 4 and up can enroll in Tumbling classes. Ranging from beginner to advanced, children are placed based on ability rather than age.


Other Programs

Set up any program for Mini Motions to come to your facility for dance and motor skills

Mini Motions can also work with Girl Scout Troops, Play Groups, Wedding (groups and couple choreography) and Cheer (choreography/ Tumble).

Contact Us >

We also offer private lessons. 

Take a look at what makes our recitals so fun and unique! Our after party gives a chance to gather and celebrate the job well done for all our amazing students

Quality dance classes for your child.

Our new owner, Devon Schroeder, has 22 years of experience teaching dance. Our classes teach not only dance skills, but discipline, and confidence.




Dance Center

Monday   5:00 - 8:30

Tuesday    5:00 - 8:30

Wednesday 5:00 - 8:30

Thursday - 5:00 - 8:30

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday-  CLOSED

Sunday - CLOSED

June - August by Appt Only

What is Mini Motions Dance Center?

Mini Motions Dance Center is the premier dance center here in Toledo. We are so excited
to have the opportunity to teach your child the beautiful and fun art of dance! Our director, Sue
Hays, has three decades of experience teaching dance and molding children into confident and
happy dancers. We strive to be the best dance center in the area by offering a variety of
classes taught by kind, experienced teachers and by structuring classes so that your child can
grow personally and as a dancer.


How much does Mini Motions dance center cost?

Mini Motions Dance Center works to provide a high level of teaching at reasonable rates. Each child pays an annual registration fee of $30.00 along with the following costs:
$50.00/month – 45 minute lesson
$55.00/month – 60 minute lesson
$10.00/month discount for each additional class (including children in the same immediate family and living in the same household.)

What age children do you teach?

Our dance center offers classes for children ages two and up. We love getting to build the foundations of dance in our smallest students then watch them grow into graceful, talented performers! Our classes are crafted specifically to serve each age group, so you can be assured
your child will learn and have fun no matter what age they are.

What classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes depending on the age of your child. We are proud to be a dance center that provides a huge array of dance genres and styles so each child can find what they love and thrive. The class list is as follows:


  • Ages 7 and Up - Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Technique, Tumble. Age groups and levels will be grouped with these classes. We offer both single and combination classes in this age bracket.


  • Ages 5/6 - Combination classes of 3 or more involving Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling and Pom.


  • Age 4 - Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Tumbling. These classes rotate weekly to give your child a taste of difference styles of dance.

  • Tumbling – Beginner through advance level tumbling classes for students aged 4 and up. Private lessons are available upon request.


  • Ages 2/3 - Kids ages 2 to 3 can enroll in dance class which involves creative movement and the development of gross motor skills by using things such as balance beam, trampoline and much more! After 3 months of lessons, we introduce Tap dance as well. Our classes build the foundation your toddler needs to become a great dancer as they grow!

Do you offer dance classes all year round?

Yes! We follow the traditional school-year schedule for our Fall classes. We offer a few new classes in the Winter Program that start in January and a Summer program in the month of July. Our 3-week-long summer program is great for busy schedules. Your child can still practice their dance skills while staying active and having fun.

Is dance a good option for my child?

Here at Mini Motions Dance Center, we believe that every child can benefit from dance. Our dance centers emphasizes all of the advantages of enrolling in a dance program. There is the physical aspect: dancing is a great way to keep your child moving their body and building muscles. Dance is also an excellent way to cultivate coordination, balance, and to build motor skills. When your child is dancing with us, they learn spatial awareness and how to control their bodies. Your child’s physical health will certainly benefit when they enroll in our dance programs! Apart from the physical benefits, your child learns personal and social skills that they will carry with them throughout their life. Dance can be individual, but you must work as a team to create a cohesive performance. They will learn to listen to the direction of our instructors while making friends and creating something beautiful with their class. Dancing provides the opportunity for your child to try new things, gain confidence, and appreciate their body for the cool things it can do. When your child learns to gracefully leap across the stage or balance on their toes for the first time, we get to watch their confidence soar, and so do you.

Will my child get the chance to perform?

Yes! Every year we put on two recitals (December & June) to showcase the things your child has learned throughout the season. This is a chance for them to see that hard work pays off, and they can be proud of all of the hours they have put in over the school year. Performing on stage in a recital setting gives your child a sense of pride and confidence that we love getting to see!

Can I watch my child during classes?

Absolutely! To your children, watching them during class is a huge sign of your support and interest in what they are working toward. That’s why we request that you participate in your student’s progress by observing class at least once a month. Our instructors love to see parents take an active interest in your child’s dancing because they know how much it benefits your child—both as a dancer and, more importantly, in their relationship with you.

Do you come to day cares or schools?


Yes! We can attend day cares, schools, girl scout troops, play groups or other special events.  Having our team come to you is a fun, exciting event for your kids. Dancing is a fantastic way to build motor skills even in the youngest children. Music and movement are great ways to keep kids entertained and give them a new experience that they will love. We can attend as a one time class or as often as you want.

Do your instructors offer private choreography?

You bet! We love working with cheer groups to provide dance choreography and instruct in group tumble classes. Learning choreography from trained dancers is a great way to broaden your skills as a cheer team and get the technical training you need to perform at the highest level.


We also offer wedding choreography for both couples and bridal parties. One of the most fun parts of a wedding is the dancing. When you work with our team, we can take even the most inexperienced and awkward “movers and shakers” and transform you into a coordinated team that leaves a lasting impression! We so enjoy getting to help you make memories and have a fun time at your wedding with choreographed dances!

Mini Motions Dance Center has a place for your child 

We enjoy watching all of our students grow from the beginning to the end of our classes. Dancing is what we love, but our passion is caring for and serving your children. When you choose Mini Motions, you are choosing a dance center that focuses on building your child up into a confident, caring, and happy dancer. Enroll with us today!

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