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Family owned and operated

Fall Information:
Classes start Sept. 3rd

Registration Fee
A $23.00 registration fee applies to each student enrolled. Open house registration will be on Sunday, Aug 18th, 2013 from 2-5 p.m. Students will be provided with Tap/Ballet shoes were applicable and a Mini Motions T-shirt. Registration fee and first month payment will be needed to guarantee a class position for the student.

Tuiton is to be paid on the first class of the month, based on four lessons. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes or dropouts. Returned check charge is $25.00. Payments not made on time will be immediately brought to your attention and a late fee of $3.00 will be assessed to your account after the 15th of the month. A payment box is located at the desk for your convenience. Only cash payments need to be given a receipt, otherwise we will log payments and keep your receipt on file. Please remember to put the student's first and last name on the check so we are sure to apply your payment correctly. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards. You may mail in your monthly tuition. Please note that all costume fees, monthly fees and late fees must be paid up for your child to recieve their costume and participate in the recital.

Costume/Recital Fee
In November, a costume/recital fee will be required by those students planning to participate in our June recital. A $5.00 late fee will occcur after the 15th. This becomes a commitment and an obligation from the student and parent. Students will perform in two dance routines with an estimated costume cost of $45.00 PLUS shipping, handling, tights, Recital DVD, and a student award as an additional cost. We strive to keep prices low! Fees are non-refundable on costumes that have already been ordered. Receiving your deposit means: 1) your child will finish the entire dance program, including the June recital; 2) you take full responsibility for the balance due if the student drops out of class. You do have the right to decline from the recital and may continue to stay in the program, but this truly is a good experience for them.

Tickets for the June 2014 recital and social gathering immediately following, will be a available in May. Ticket prices: Adult(13 and up)-$14.00, Child(3-12)-$6.00 (prices subject to change). The recital is a personal and rewarding show as we see our students become the performers. Rectial will be at Maumee High School. Share in the excitement and accomplishment as the students recieve their awards on stage followed by a party for the children with refreshments and acknowledgement on a fine year of good hard work! Although there are two recitals, your child will perform in only one along with a rehearsal. Additional shows may occur during the year which are helpful to ease away any shyness and fear encountered by performing in front of an audience.

Weather Conditions
The Dance Center does not close along with any school closings. Many times the road conditions improve by lesson time. If the center is closing, you will get an email sent and also broadcasting on television after 2:00pm. When only three lessons occur in a month due to holiday closing, regular payment is made since some months carry five lessons, therefore, balancing out.

Absences and Make-ups
Two consecutive missed lessons require a phone call by the parent to inform us of the student's status. Weekly attendance is a must for progression of the entire class. Missed classes will definitely reflect on their knowledge and skills. Four make-up classes are allowed throughout the entire program. See instructor for the days and times.

News and Information
There are two bulletin boards at the Dance Center. Parents can post any advertisements or business cards on the board above the drinking fountain. The other larger board is used for announcements regarding your child's class; review this frequently since most news will be communicated in this manner. Additional announcements are made at the end of classes, if necessary, so please be available to recieve such information: otherwise students will be responsible for informing you.

We ask the parents to show their interest and participate in their child's progress by observing class at least once a month. Instructors like to see parents writing down dance steps or helping them practice at home. Show them your interest and they will go far. What is most important for our students is that they have fun in learning to dance and perform. By incorporating music and dance into their lives, they can learn rhythm, movement, coordination, flexibility and good self-esteem.

Class Fees (based on 4 lessons/month)         
$43.00 - 45 minute lessons (4 year old & up)
$39.00 - 30 minute lessons (2&3 class) & (Toddlin' Tykes 12/24mo)
$32.00 - Adult Class
$24.00 - over 40 Class 
     *Family Rates: immediate family/same household
                          2 students/classes - $10.00/mo discount
                          3 students/classes - $12.00/mo discount 


Sue Hays - Director/Owner - 21 years
2249 Tremainsville Road  
Toledo, OH. 43613